David Malmo Levine - Outside the U.S.Embassy

This YouTube Video shows David Malmo-Levine's Speech in front of the U.S. Embassy on May 5th, 2007. This was the culmination of a March down Vancouver's Streets, from the Art Gallery to the Embassy.

Drug War History Walking Tour - Essential Facts

Join us for Vancouver, British Columbia's only FREE Drug War History Walking Tour. The tour is conducted by Herb School Staff daily at 3 pm. daily, and starts at Victory Square, located at Cambie and East Hastings. The tour takes from 1 to 1.5 hours, and terminates with a visit to the Herb School on East Hastings and Columbia Street. All are welcome on the tour, however, minors must have permission of a guardian to enter the Herb School. No reservations are required, however, the tour may be subject to cancellations due to inclement weather or holidays. No reservations are accepted, however, to be safe, if you are coming from any distance, please call the Herb School to confirm that we will have a tour on the day you will be in town.

The tour involves walking the East Vancouver neighborhood for an hour. The tour is wheelchair accessible, however, at this time, we have no facilities for the deaf or those for who do not speak English. Look here in the future for announcement of Bilingual tours.

Any questions about the tour can be sent to davidml@telus.net .

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The marriage of Bayer and Exxon ...or... How the "hemp-substitute industries" work together to create (and profit from) global wars.

Starting world wars, inventing horrible weapons, enslaving large populations, peforming inhuman experiments, eliminating natural alternatives and generally creating hell on earth:

A brief history of BIG CHEMICAL...

OR... WHAT THE "petrochemical pharmaceutical military-industrial trans-national fascist corporate elite son-of-a-bitches" DO ON A REGULAR BASIS TO STIMULATE THEIR SYNTHETIC FUEL & MEDICINE MONOPOLIES.

This book is reprinted to focus attention on past events so that better understanding can be obtained of international conglomerates and their possible effects on ALL of US.


This issue is dedicated to Joseph Borkin, who died mysteriously in 1978 as he was to go out and tell the truth about Bayer.

To the victims and the survivors of the Holocaust and to those who preserve and tell their story.

"Remember the days of yore; Learn the lessons of the generation that came before you." Deuteronomy 32:7

This issue is the first color covered Potshot in it's entire 13 year publishing history! It is lovingly illustrated with over 400 different images, in an easy-to-read format. It contains all the material from the "History of Big Chemical" article, plus some additional information on Aspirin and AIDS.

Just put 10 bucks (plus three bucks postage Canadian or 6 bucks postage US or 10 bucks postage international) in a money order and Send to: David Malmo-Levine c/o The Herb School 123A East Hastings Vancouver, BC V6A 1N4 -Please allow a week or two for delivery.


David Malmo-Levine is on this earth to enjoy himself and leave the world in slightly better condition than when he arrived. He noticed at a very early age he was good at putting information in order (he practiced with his comic book collection). Later on, he got interested in marijuana and history - hence the website you see before you. Please click HERE to see more DML photos.