Chapter 51: The Evil Empires Final Move

The best way to deal with fear is by facing the worst-case scenario and acting - with style and non-violence - against these monsters that are trying to kill you. The most horrific fear of them all is the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (352) - which mandates quarantine, execution, seizure of property, food and means of transport in the event of a smallpox attack. A November 7 Detroit Free Press article - 'Vast quarantine role advocated for states' (353) detailing this scenario contained the following quote...

"Would a National Guardsman, he asked, shoot a grandmother trying to evade quarantine? Maybe, Gostin said. 'You have to use all reasonable force.' Sometimes, he added, that could mean lethal force."

Such a notion was even mapped and planned in June 2001 with the Dark Winter project (354), where key individuals within the Federal Government and CIA (mainly CFR members) and media heads from NBC, CBS, the BBC and the New York Times met at Andrews Air Force Base to discuss how they would 'cover' a widespread biological attack. One statement was particularly revealing concerning how the media would be coerced to maintain civil obedience...

"Dealing with the media will be a major, immediate challenge for all levels of government. Information management and communication (e.g., dealing with the press effectively, communication with citizens, maintaining the information flows necessary for command and control at all institutional levels) will be a critical element in crisis/consequence management." (355)

If you think THAT's terrifying, get a load of this: Out of almost 20 of the worlds leading microbiologist in the fields of Anthrax (356), encephalitis (357) and a new genetically mutating form of the plague, all but five died mysterious deaths right after September 11th! (358)

If the plan is to unleash a smallpox plague to fake a terrorist strike in order to set up a police state - it won't work. People will put two and two together, and organize resistance to the jab, and to the police state, too. Once soldiers are asked to choose between loyalty to their grandmothers and girlfriends on the one hand, and their insane, monopolistic tyrant-rulers on the other, they'll rebel in large numbers and the US military will ultimately side with the American people.

I hope.

But I'd rather not give them the chance to try. Which lead us to the last chapter of the story .... what to do about these supreme-executive-power-wielding nutbars instead of just waiting around for their next move....

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