Chapter 49: Monsantos Terminator Strains

Monsanto is probably the most marijuana-oriented of the Rockefeller-Farben linked companies. Famous for their "terminator" strain of seeds (seeds that provide sterile plants), there are signs of Monsanto already having attempted a Canadian "med-pot monopoly" by getting an exclusive contract from Health Canada for their "terminator" cannabis seeds. The deal fell through. (331)

In June of 1999, fearing an accidental release and total destruction of all food crops, the Rockefeller Foundation asked Monsanto to swear off use of the terminator gene. (332)

Despite being asked politely in public, there has been none of the "cash power" the Rockefeller's sometimes use to influence people directed at Monsanto (either in informing the public or lobbying). Thus, the fight to ban "Terminator Technology" continues. (333)

Bayer and BASF have both recently announced plans to invest heavily in agricultural bio-tech. (334)

Researchers at BASF Plant Science have succeeded in identifying the genes that enable the test plant mouse-ear cress to survive drought better. This drought resistance is to be transferred to crops such as corn (maize), soybeans or wheat. BASF hopes this will become an elegant way to cut crop losses from water shortages and reduce the amount of water needed for irrigation. It also hopes to breed more nutritious plants by optimising the composition of plant constituents. By 2010, BASF wants to become one of the world?s leading companies in the field of plant biotechnology.

In October of 2002, an opportunity for Monsanto to sell millions of dollars worth of "Roundup-ready" supergrass (of the "lawn" variety) fell through. (335) Catastrophe doesn't win the race every time.

Monsanto is owned mostly by Pharmacia, (336)

which is about to merge with Pfizer (337). - they merged a long time ago this isn't accurate

Pfizer is run by the Rockefeller cartel. (338) Monsanto is one of five "Gene Giants" - the others being DuPont, Syngenta, Aventis and Dow (339) - all related to Farben at one time or another. (340) By creating "alliances" or "liaisons" with other bio-tech companies, Monsanto is "running below the radar" of anti-trust regulators. (341) If GW Pharmaceutical ever gets control of the cannabis market through patents and/or inventions (342), no doubt the Gene Giants will buy them out.

GW pharmaceuticals is developing a portfolio of cannabis medicines, the first of which, Sativex, is currently being assessed by the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). ... All enquiries relating to Sativex are being handled by Bayer Healthcare, our UK marketing partner, who can be contacted using the details below:
Bayer Medical Information Contact Details
Direct Line
01635 563116
Direct Fax
01635 563657
01635 563000
Office hours:
9:00 - 12:30, 13:30 - 17:00
Urgent Enquiries (between 12:30 - 13:30)
07876 577704
Out of hours enquiries
01635 563000


(331) - See also "The Drug Story" p. 8


(333) Monsanto continues to battle farmers all over the world for the right to control it's seed - recently winning the right to sue a Canadian farmer for not preventing contamination from neighbouring crops. The farmer is planning to appeal.





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