Chapter 11: IG Auschwitz-The Ideal Business Climate

Once Farben's Nazi's bought enough votes to entrench themselves in power, they made well on their election promise to their employers.

Hermann Schmitz, CEO of I.G. Farben 1935-1945

I.G. Farben CEO Schmitz (right) meets the German Chancellor at the inaugauration of the German Art Museum, Munich, October 1933.

Beginning with joint Nazi-IG Farben synthetic oil and rubber ventures in 1933 that made Hitler's war machine self-sufficient,

I.G. Farben produces 100% of the tires for the Wehrmacht vehicles from synthetic rubber.

I.G. Farben Director Fritz ter Meer (second to right) speaks with the German Chancellor on the occassion of the first presentation of synthetic rubber products (Buna) at the Automotive Fair, Berlin, 1936.

I.G. Farben's subsidiaries in the Western hemisphere in 1936. I.G. Farben had chemical plants in more than 100 countries.

I.G. Farben's Headquarters in Frankfurt is flagged in support of the Third Reich.

The corporate newspaper for employees, October 1935, The flag of the ruling party is on the cover page.

Role call of employees in an I.G. factory, 1938.

Group photo with the new Chairman of the Board of I.G. Farben, 1937.
Hermann Abs: (Deutsch Bank) first row left.

Reichs-Secretary of Information and Propaganda Göbbels
with I.G. Farben Director Wilhelm Otto (center).

Wilhelm Mann, head of the marketing department of Bayer, inaugauration of a new administrative building of I.G. Leverkusen / Bayer, in 1939 Note the picture of the German Chancellor on the wall of the corporate office.

I.G. Farben companies are awarded corporate recognitions from the political leaders of the Third Reich.

The co-operation continued with the plunder of Europe's chemical industries. As the Nazi's invaded each country, I.G. would take control of the chemical companies. (51)

Official I.G. Farben Monthly, August 1940:
I.G. Farben managers analyse a map of Europe, pointing at England. Similar to the Wehrmacht's military generals, these I.G. Farben "corporate generals" plan the conquest of entire industries in the occupied countries. - Note the analogy to today -

Official I.G. Farben Monthly, April 1941: I.G. Farben managers analyse a map of Europe, pointing at South-Eastern Europe with the oil fields around the Black Sea as their target. - Note the analogy to today -

I.G. Farben monthly, June/July 1943: I.G. Farben is the largest corporate benefactor of the German Wehrmacht's military conquests of the Second World War. The title page visually supports the scenario of a total war .

If these "hostile takeovers" were good for business, slavery was even better. Instead of "work rather than phrases," many of the camps had "work will set you free" on their gates.

It was the greatest false-advertising campaign in human history - unless you define "free" as "dead from exhaustion."

Forced labor in a locksmith shop in Auschwitz, 1942-43.

As the war dragged on, I.G. created it's own private camp called Monowitz - also known as Auschwitz III. Monowitz was located right outside the largest synthetic oil and rubber factory in the world, the largest industrial complex outside the borders of the German Reich, and I.G.'s largest factory: I.G. Auschwitz. I.G. Farben owned 100% of I.G. Auschwitz.

The sight had been chosen by I.G. for the abundant water and coal in the area, not to mention all the free slave labor from Auschwitz I and II. (52 )

Head of the Reich-Security Office Himmler, visiting with I.G. Farben Engineers at the construction site of the largest I.G. Farben factory at that time, I.G. Auschwitz, 1941

I.G. created Monowitz because too many of their employees would die while marching to work every day.

The I.G. Farben Headquarters in Frankfurt/Main in 1943 It can still be visited today.

(51) "The Crime and Punishment of IG Farben" pp. 75-95, 121-140

(52) ibid, pp. 146-147

Thanks to Dr. Rath at the following link - a majority of the pics above were taken from here...


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