Chapter 34: Half Of You People Must Die!

Rockefeller's Council on Foreign Relations recently published an article stating that the US population should be reduced to "about it's size in the 1940's" (200) - in other words, cut it back by at least half. It goes without saying that similar (if not more drastic) "cuts" are called for in the rest of the world. Most of their attention is with the "less developed" countries. (201)

As ecologist Murry Buckchin (202) so eloquently put it;

"All too often, alas, the overpopulation message is also focused on Third World countries. (This, although the number of people who occupy a square mile in the Third World is actually immensely smaller than the numbers for Europe and the United States)."

The facts are that population growth decreases as social services increase. (203) That makes sense. Poor people have lots of kids so that a few survive to look after them in their old age. If the "population control freaks" were really serious about reducing the population growth rate the decent way (instead of the quick, racist and profitable way), they would see to it that the whole world had the same social safety net that exists in near-zero population growth countries like Italy or Japan.

Diego Rivera, Contradictions Between Rich and Poor, #01, 1923-28. painted mural. Mexican.

Further, if we all change how we consume - away from unsustainable like fossil fuels and harsh chemicals, and towards wind/wave/sun/bio fuels and sustainable technologies, we could quite easily support double today's population. In other words, it's not "how many" of us their are, but "how smart" we all are with our limited resources.

During the aptly named Rockefeller Hearings before the U.S. congress in 1994, government officials admitted; " more than 50 years of bio-warfare experiments carried out on hundreds of thousands of American citizens." (204)

Let's end this bio-genocidal experiment before some moron does something quick, racist and profitable.


(200) Negative Population Control, Inc. "Foreign Affairs Magazine, 1996, Volume 75; No. 2 see also "Death in the Air" p. 76, 90 and "Emerging Viruses" p. 496 - "Rule by Secrecy" pp. 32-34

(201) "Emerging Viruses" pp. 156-158


(203) - -

(204) - See also "Death in the Air" pp. 154-155

And Now a Word from CFR's Corporate Sponsors:

The Council on Foreign Relations list of leading corporate benefactors in recent years include ABC, AOL Time Warner, American Express, Aramco, ATT, British Petroleum, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Chevron Texaco, Citigroup, Corning, Deutsche Bank AG, Exxon Mobil, Federal Express, J.P. Morgan Chase, Lockheed Martin, Metropolitan Life Insurance, Morgan Stanley, Nike, Pfizer, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Prudential Financial, Shell Oil, Sony, Toyota, UBS Paine Webber, Verizon Communications and Xerox.

CFR's Bipartisan Roll-Call:

CFR calls itself nonpartisan but the correct word is bipartisan, with a large representation from both major parties. The CFR's 4,075 members become members only after being approved by its Board of Directors. Except where noted, the following are listed as current CFR members or leaders in its 2002 Annual Report:

Presidents: George H.W. Bush (former member), James Earl Carter, Bill Clinton, Gerald R. Ford Vice Presidents: Richard B. Cheney, Walter F. Mondale

Secretaries of State: Madeleine Albright, James A. Baker III, Warren Christopher, Alexander M. Haig Jr., Henry A. Kissinger, Colin L. Powell, William D. Rogers, George P. Shultz

National Security Advisors: Richard V. Allen, Samuel Berger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Henry A. Kissinger, W. Anthony Lake, Robert C.. McFarlane, Condoleezza Rice, W.W. Rostow, Brent Scowcroft

Secretaries of Defense: Harold Brown, Frank C. Carlucci, Richard B. Cheney, William S. Cohen, Robert S. McNamara, Casper W. Weinberger

CIA Directors: Richard Helms, George Tenet, Stansfield Turner, William Webster, Frank G. Wisner II, R. James Woolsey

U.S. Senators and Congresspersons: Howard H. Baker Jr., Alfonse M. D'Amato, William H. Danforth, Christopher J. Dodd, Richard A. Gephardt, Newton L. Gingrich, Barney Frank, Peter H.B. Frelinghuysen, Geraldine A. Ferraro, Bob Graham, Chuck Hagel, Jane Harman, Gary Hart, Bob Kerrey, John F. Kerry, Joseph I. Lieberman, George S. McGovern, Daniel P. Moynihan, Claiborne Pell, Charles H.Percy, Warren B. Rudman, Charles E. Schumer, Steven J. Solarz, Adlai E. Stevenson, Robert G. Torricelli, John William Warner.

web page

The September 11th ''Investigative Panel'' is a Council on Foreign Relations Op.

Exposing the Council on Foreign Relations (daughter organization of London's Royal Institute of International Affairs), it's APFN 8 Apr 2004
9-11 Commission
Chair Thomas H. Kean Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
Vice Chair Lee H. Hamilton (CFR)/ Trilateral
Commisioner Richard Ben-Veniste
Commisioner Fred F. Fielding
Commisioner Jamie S. Gorelick (CFR)
Commisioner Slade Gorton
Commisioner Bob Kerrey (CFR)
Commisioner John F. Lehman (CFR)
Commisioner Timothy J. Roemer
Commisioner James R. Thompson
Executive Director Philip D. Zelikow (CFR)...

[SiaNews Note: What is the mathematical likelihood that six (6) of the eleven members of 9/11 Panel could be members of the Council on Foreign Relations? Comprising less than 4,000 members, and amongst 310,000,000 Americans alive today, what are the chances? Anyone good at laws of probability?]


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